Waterbridge Sour Fun Mix 175g


Funmix Sour is a tangy treat we know you'll love. Where else would you find fierce sour gummy bears packing a serious punch, tasty sour keys, and sour cherries all in one perfect resealable pouch? You'll also find tantalizing fizzy pop bottles, mouth-watering soft gummy worms bursting with taste bud tingling flavour, and sassy & sweet-sour peach hearts!... sparkling, spirited and sweet! 


Sugars (glucose syrup, sugar, concentrated grape juice), Water, Modified potato starch, Pork gelatin, Citric acid, Sorbitol, Lactic acid, Fumaric acid, Artificial flavour, Turmeric, Chlorophyll, Caramel, Paprika extract, Anthocyanins, Titanium dioxide. May Contain: Wheat, Milk, Soya.