Pronto Selections Chicken Burger with Cheese 151g



Breaded chicken patty (chicken, water, chicken skins, toasted wheat crumbs, wheat gluten, whole wheat flour, salt, egg white powder [egg ,baker’s
yeast, citric acid], canola and/or soya oil, sugars [dextrose, corn syrup solids], corn flour, corn starch, modified milk ingredients, soy protein, spices, sodium
phosphate, chicken flavour, spice extracts, high oleic sunflower oil, xanthan gum), Bun (enriched wheat flour, water, sugar{sugar, dextrose},liquid whole egg,
butter{milk},skim milk powder, yeast, wheat gluten, vegetable oil{canola and/or soybean}, salt, calcium propionate, sorbic acid, natural flavour, inactive yeast, mono
and diglycerides ,sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, beta carotene, enzymes, ascorbic acid, vegetable protein{potato/pea/fava bean},maltodextrin, cornstarch), Processed
cheese (cheese [milk, modified milk ingredients, bacterial culture, salt, calcium chloride, rennet and/or microbial enzyme, lipase, colour], modified milk ingredients,
water, glucose, sodium citrate and/or sodium phosphate, salt, potassium sorbate, citric acid, white vinegar, colour, soy lecithin